TBLF organized and chaired by Michael, now has member companies - almost all multinationals, many within the Fortune 500 - from diverse sectors of industry.  There is an annual program of at least 12 scheduled meetings, with additional events such as a series of sector-specific meetings and informal roundtable discussions at CEO level. Michael is also a member of the Asia Expertise (AXP) network of past Country Associates of the Economist Group, which offers reciprocal peer group participation and knowledge-sharing across borders and a monthly economic newsletter. 

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Michael Boyden is the Business Partner of CHARISMA’s TLH Practice, a British national who has lived and worked in Taiwan since 1989. 

During that time he has worked in business development for a major local industrial group; as country manager for a MNC in the food & beverage industry; as an associate consultant with KPMG; as an independent consultant in the hospitality industry; as Taiwan country manager for a Hong Kong-based management consulting firm; and from 1996 –2008 as Country Associate of the Economist Group’s Corporate Network.

His previous career experience included operations and business development for large hospitality/service industry companies in the Middle East, south-east Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China; and several years in hotel industry management and project development in the UK.  

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Based in their Hong Kong office and reporting to the Executive Director, Asia Pacific. His responsibilities were focused on the development of Corporate Associate membership, in terms of both attracting new clients and retaining existing ones, in the extremely challenging environment brought about by global recession. 

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Managing Director, TASC Taiwan Asia Strategy Consulting (TASC) 

Set up in 1997 as a general corporate platform for peer group and related businesses.  These were centered on the Taiwan Business Leaders’ Forum (TBLF) executive peer group forum and the organization of roundtables and similar conference-type events in affiliation with The Economist Group until late 2008. 

He was a frequent presenter on Taiwan at Economist Conferences and Corporate Network meetings and similar events across the Asia Pacific region and is an occasional commentator on Taiwan affairs for CNBC, BBC World Service TV and Bloomberg. 

Director of Business Development, The Conference Board Asia Pacific 


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