3. Understanding of client's organization culture
2. Clear position profile
- Qualifications and Experience
- Behavioral Competencies
​- Personal Characteristics

- 4-step process
- Bi-weekly updates
- Realistic Timelines for completion
1. Leadership – right leader, right time, and right tenure
2. Strategies – flexible strategies, long-term strategies, and change management strategies
3. Talent Management & Organization Efficiency 
4. Skill Sets vs. Mind Sets – Life-cycle leadership, Supermind (Inside out), and Six Senses Cultivation 


- Vision/Mission/Strategy
- Adaptability
- Involvement
​- Consistency
- Pre-Boarding
- First 100 days
​- Follow-up Period
1. Well-defined search process and strategy
2. Clear position profile
3. Understanding of client’s organization culture
4. Effective on-boarding


​​We also have a proven ability to gain access to the market’s prime candidates and influence career decisions as we keep long-term relationships with them. 


We provide long-term career consultancies for the candidates who desire to have and want to propel their leaderships to the next level. 

​Our objective is to identify and attract well qualified candidates with strong leaderships through our unique methodology and by working with the clients to secure the appointment of the preferred candidates. 
Our consultants are involved throughout more of the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting well qualified candidates to clients. 
We have long-lasting partnerships with clients spanning many years, and in such cases the suitability of candidates is paramount.
Charisma International Consulting specializes in recruiting executive personnel to our multinational corporation clients in carefully targeted industry sectors. 

We help clients build winning leadership teams by using global, regional, and local searches. ​We also assist our clients to design, build, and implement succession plans for today’s leaders to ensure successful transitions and corporate sustainability.

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company’s success.

1. Well-defined search process and strategy
4. Effective on-boarding

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