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Challenging times require outstanding Executives who can lead with vision, courage and inspiration.





SUPERMIND Workshop(Executive)


Aug & Sep, 2023 (Open)



You will practice our unique methodologies and explore your real “SELF”. You will have a series of comprehensive organic diet and sophisticated meditation. Our key consultants coach you the art therapy to open your mind and inspire creativity. Through the-four day program, you will learn how to balance your mind-body-spirit and practice charismatic leadership. In the meantime, you will develop your proactive thinking to become a powerful leader. Ultimately you will leave with best practices to manage teams, well handle adversity, and define your personal leadership style.
SuperMind Program provides you unique perspectives on personal leadership and ways to drive innovative thinking across the enterprise.  


The environment of our business is getting more and more competitive. A company’s long-term success is determined by the ability of its Executives to be creative and lead effectively through periods of economic uncertainty and complexity. Executives need to step back and have the opportunity to question their assumptions, mind-set, gain perspective and ultimately become the leaders they aspire to be.


Our key consultants provide unique methodologies (the-five treatments & the-six senses) and program which offer you a valuable workshop and a professional assessment focused on Leader’s Behaviors, Styles, Vision, and Practice which will be conducted before/and after workshop. 
​We will provide you the analysis report based on your individual learning and practicing. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, you can understand, improve, and optimize your effectiveness in the key relationships.
Our unique SuperMind program strives to deliver profound enhancements to mind, body and spirit, helping you to find your own limitless potential, inner strengths and the secret of being more successful in your business. 

your mind, body, & spirit.

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VP&GM China, CE MFG, HQ in USA
Interesting! I got lots of fun. It’s a brand new experience though I had meditation experience several years ago. I never thought before that I could get such powerful experience through a sophisticated meditation course! I did appreciate Dr. Wu’s insight and sharing about the wisdom of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Amazing! I think I had practiced your unique methodologies of the SUPERMIND six senses and explored a real “SELF”. I enjoyed a wonderful organic diet in the whole workshop. Super!   
I learnt a lot on leadership vision and mindset in the past few days. I also learned how to diet in a good way and how to enjoy Nankuan Music. All in all, this is the most challenging, but also fruitful leadership coaching program that I have joined before. All are beyond my expectation. For now, I really need to change myself, not just body and also the soul. 



VP, Engineering, ICT Int’l Corp, Netherlands
I enjoyed the meditation sessions, the lectures and all the rest of the arrangements. It was particularly refreshing to learn my behavioral style through the DISC study.  What it points out is so accurate about my desire to use power to accomplish goals, and the fact that I am a very impatient person. That is a start for me to identify ways to improve. I am also beginning to practice sitting meditation, hopefully one session a day. 


GM Taiwan, Software, HQ in USA