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Amanda Selvaratnam is the Business Partner of CHARISMA for the international training service.

She established “The Training Gateway” in 2007 and now she is working with CHARISMA to provide a customized international training program based on our MNC clients’ specific needs for talent development. 

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Following a scientific career in research and industry, Amanda moved into business intelligence with Glaxo SmithKline prior to joining the University of York in 1999. 
Amanda is responsible for the engagement of the University with business with a special focus on the development and delivery of professional development and executive education courses for organizations across the world. 
Through her work with UK Trade and Investment, much of Amanda’s work involves promoting the UK Higher Education and Corporate Training sector to overseas governments and corporations and she regularly speaks to audiences of UK businesses on export and international business.


Amanda is also Founder and Director of the Training Gateway a FREE brokerage service providing a quick and easy way for any organization wishing to source corporate, vocational and executive training and educational partnerships from UK universities, colleges and private training providers. 
Amanda has worked extensively across the Asia with both governments and the private sector and regularly takes UK education and training trade missions to the region.

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